Register for the full (BDE) course, with the payment using PayPal or without payment to pay later (cash or pay in the office). Also can register for mini packages. Please read the terms and condition below then choose the registration option;

Register without payment Register with Payment (BDE course only)


Terms and conditions:

  1. Student registered for a full course must attend all classroom sessions; 20 hours classroom, 10 hours of homelinks and 10 hours of in-vehicle training within 1 year (MTO rule – no exception)
  2. Student must complete the full course within 12 months from starting the course (both in-class and in-car training)
  3. individual lesson (private lesson) must be paid in full.
  4. Administration fee ($75.00 plus tax) will apply if student does not want to continue course after 10 days of registration or name have been sent to MTO
  5. Students are required to give 24 hours notice of road session(s) cancellation to avoid additional lesson fee.
  6. A $25.00 fee will be applied to dishonored cheque(s).
  7. Student is resposible to pay the “Driver’s licence history” fee after the successful completion of this course.
  8. Once driving school certifies a student for the Beginner Driver Education Course, he or she may qualify to complete G2 road test as early as 8 months (no need for “Driver’s License History search”)