Our aim is to make our roads safer for everyone by providing student with an opportunity to learn the most modern driving techniques including Defensive Driving Skills.

Our concern is for traffic safety through improved methods in Driver Education IN-CAR LESSONS
Each student will be provided with an instructor’s business card. This card is to be kept with your licence at all times and presented with your licence upon entering the vehicle for lessons. Lessons will be arranged between the student and the instructor.

PRACTICE In-car lessons are opportunities to acquire skills, strategies and know how. It is your responsibility as a student to reinforce what you have learned in car, by practicing.

G1 LICENCE Each student must provide the in-class teacher with 1 copy, front and back of their Licence. This is a requirement of the Ministry of Transportation.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS If you have moved, you must provide copies of a new licence showing the new address. Please notify your in-car instructor or the office immediately.

Please note, for the cancellation of any Full Course Package, there will be a cancellation fee of $100. Also, please note that initial deposits made through PayPal are not refundable.