Choosing a Driving School

(From Ministry of Transportation website)

As a new driver, your choice of professional driving instruction may be the best way to put yourself safely in the driver’s seat. A beginner Driving School BDE Course in a driving school that has been approved by the provincial government can teach you the skills and attitudes you need to be a safe and responsible driver. The BDE course may also make you eligible to take your road test sooner and allow you to save money on insurance premiums.

As well as teaching the basics, driver training emphasizes strategic driving techniques, positive driving attitudes and behaviour, avoiding driver distractions, risk perception and management, freeway driving, night driving and driving in adverse conditions. Most programs are designed for new drivers, but many driving schools also provide courses and services to upgrade your skills.

If you graduate from an approved BDE course, this will be noted in your driver’s licence history, and will reduce the time you must spend at Level 1 by four months. It may also bring you savings on your car insurance.

Ministry-approved BDE courses, offered by driving schools, Only licensed instructors working for licensed schools can teach the BDE course.

All ministry-approved driving schools are listed on the ministry’s website.

Adam Driving School BDE Course package includes:
10 hours private in-car lesson on new car
10 hours homework link
Free pickup from home within area
Courses start every week
Defensive Driving instructions
Learn Life Saving Skills
Skid Control / Evasive Maneuvers
Braking Techniques
4 Months Earlier Road Test