Beginner Driving Course

BDE Courses

Adam Driving School is Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Approved Beginner Driver Education Course Provider with Certified, licensed and experienced In-Class/Car Driving Instructors. The Beginner’s Driver Education Program includes:

  1. 20 hours In-class.
  2. 10 Hours of homework booklet assignment.
  3. 10 hours one on one in-car-training.
  4. Each in car session is 60 minutes.
  5. Certified driving instructors.
  6. Free home, work or school pickup.
  7. 4 Months Earlier Road Test


In-Class session 20 Hours

High Standards- We are using PowerPoint presentation with a curriculum created by CARS Education, and approved by the Ministry of Transportation.

This program has students working to learn how collisions occur, and how to prevent them.

In-Car Session 10 Hours
  • In-car lessons are to be scheduled with the driving instructor on an individual basis.
  • It is a requirement by the Ministry of Transportation for the student to have completed 10 hours in-car.
  • Flexible appointments to suit your schedule pick-up and drop off at a location convenient for you.
  • Each session is 60 minutes in length.
  • 10 Hours Homework.